Tuesday, October 24, 2006

German Mediation Between Israel and Hezbollah

The indirect negotiations between Israel and Hezbollah for a prisoners exchange are going on and a man who has a key role is a German intelligence agent, Der Spiegel reports. This is not the first time the Germans have worked on such an exchange since negotiations few years ago led to the release of an Israeli businessman and the bodies of three Israelis soldiers with hundreds of Arab prisoners in January 2004.


At 5:33 AM, Anonymous Friend Of The People said...

Imagine if German President went to Iran and gave a speech to Iranian President that the Jewish Holocaust really happened. That would be a very powerful statement.

How can Iran make peace with Israel when Iran cannot acknowledge the facts of the Holocaust.

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Hezbollah and Amal a critical opportunity to reverse the damage done by their evil war.

Hezbollah and Amal leadership dumped millions of dollars from their campaign war chests into their coffers. They answered the call of Syria and Iran who are pressing them to pour tens of millions into a final push to gam the support of war criminals by toppling the Lebanese government.
The United Phoenician Party issued his own challenge asking you to help the government and Lebanese army in order to double the efforts in disarming all illegal arms of terrorists in Lebanon.
Thousands of Lebanese grassroots supporters have already responded. The momentum is on our side and we need to move forward toward regional peace.
Hezbollah and Amal are leading the dialogue as “a critical opportunity to reverse the damage done by Hezbollah evil war.
Nabih Berri-who is the speaker of the parliament repeatedly uses obstructionist tactics including his threat of street confrontations.
What that mean? More assassinations for our freedom and independence.
But we can tell you this: Hezbollah and Amal are wrong on every issue: from their war against Israel causing the destruction and the death of their own people.
UN and International forces coming into our country to securing our borders from terrorists operations, drug and arm smugglers.
As we have seen Hezbollah and Amal without doubt they have repeatedly proven to lack the credibility, nationality and ideas needed to lead the region to peace for the sake and future of their children.
That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Hezbollah and Amal proudly talk about winning a war retreating in joining the Lebanese hope for peace, cutting and running from the fact of disarming as well refusing to join the nation in rebuilding from all wars.
We cannot let the Hijackers to succeed we are a nation trapped in between the evil regimes of the middle east like Syria and Iran who continues to plot against Lebanon.
The current government is the best way our country can continue to answer threats to our nation head on.
We have made the tough decisions on keeping our nation safe with little or no support from Hezbollah , Amal and their allies.

Thank you,

The United Phoenician Party

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Bassem Mroue has an agenda.
Feel bad for the students and teachers who danced at the government sponsored protest - I don't.
Listen to the cabinet members denouncing the act in Syria while covertly accepting funding.

A pity - American will is not driven by popularity contests. This is not Am Idol. This is about entire peoples
Sunnis, Israelis, Shiite. They are out of favor, thus it is OK to single them and other culture out - sorta like one A Hitler - and you will follow like sheep.
WAKE UP and read unbiased news and see for yourself. The world is fighting and the US is not engaged. But ask those are the target. Would they like 'assistance'? Someone has got to be accountable.
You don't know how it is because you don't belong to the downtrodden - the very peoples America accepts and defends.

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Why is nobody talking about the growing closeness between Thierry Meyssan and Iran these days? Nine years after the publication of his seminal book, 9/11: the Big Lie, he now devotes his ti,e to defending Iran in a series of articles which accuse the Americans of posting disinformation about the country’s election on Twitter and of insisting that adulterous woman in Iran are no longer put to death by stoning.
One possible cause is that the super wealthy Iranian Revolutionary Guards, who control a third of the country’s economy, have just sponsored Monsieur Meyssan to the tune of one million dollars to produce a long overdue fresh literary masterpiece
The book – I know not the title but that it is to be published later this month – deals with the assassination of Lebanon’s former prime minister Rafiq Hariri back in 2005. Why such a historical event? Except to say that Meyssan claims his book will contain evidence that the state of Israel – the No.1 enemy of Iran – was behind the murder.
Exactly what this proof will be we await with interest – particularly as Hezbollah said a similar thing two months ago. In that case it produced aerial photographs it says it downloaded from an Israeli drone showing Israel had been tracking Mr Hariri long before his assassination. Sources say Meyssan will expand on that – though he will have not be testing this evidence with any form of independent verification.
Hezbollah has also been doing a good job of minding Meyssan from his new base in Beirut, in particular for his frequent forays, totalling six months, into Iran to write and research his book, as well as showing it chapter by chapter to his paymasters.
One feature which will remind those familiar with Meyssan style is that he will say the attack on the Lebanon prime minister as by a missile and not the car bomb which everyone else (excepting Hezbollah says). Mons Meyssan said that the Pentagon was hit by a missile and not by American Airlines 77 – this despite scores of witnesses to the crash.
Let us hope for Meyssan’s sake this account is not demolished in quite the same way that this last book was.

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About the Holocaust: why just count the Jewish victims of Holocaust? What about the estimated 20 million Russians who died defending Russia against the Nazi invasion; or the Polish resisters; how about the other Holocausts-genocides? Native Americans? Vietnamese war dead? Cambodians? and etc.

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