Sunday, August 20, 2006

Will The Latest Israel-Hezbollah War Lead To Peace?

The 1973 Arab-Israeli war lead few years later to peace between Israel and Egypt. The 1991 Gulf War was followed months later by the Madrid peace conference. In 1993, the Palestinians signed a peace agreement with Israel and Jordan became the second Arab country to sign a peace treaty with the Jewish state a year later.
The question today is whether the 34-day war between Israel and Lebanon's militant Hezbollah group will lead to a peace agreement in the near future.
Less than a week before hostilities ended, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan are planning to put forward a peace plan to the U.N. next month.
At the same time, Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni appointed Yakov Dayan to be a "project manager" for possible peace talks with Syria.
Peace talks between Syria, Lebanon and Israel have been stalled for six years.
In 1993, just after the Oslo agreement was signed I was chatting with a colleague in Cyprus about the future of the Middle East and we were both wondering how the region will look like 10 years later. We thought the future will be better and that decades of war were coming to an end and the people of the region will start living an era of stability.
We were wrong. Thousands of people have been killed since then.
Lets hope that the future is better this time.
Bassem Mroue
Beirut August 20, 2006
10:30 p.m.


At 2:21 PM, Blogger BBC said...

Here in America we keep hearing that the folks in the Middle East love to fight and kill each other. They have been doing it for thousands of years. Is this true?

At 8:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear BBC,
Do Americans also think that people in the middle east still ride camels?

At 3:04 PM, Blogger BBC said...

I don't know if American's think folks in the Middle East still ride camels, but I'll bet that some of them do. Kids on the East Coast think there are stil wild Indian's out West. I live in a stupid country with a stupid president you know.

At 10:46 PM, Anonymous Brad Brzezinski said...

bbc: you live in the most powerful and successful country on earth. Your president has degrees from Yale and Harvard. If the best you can do is to call the US and GWB "stupid", it says a lot about you.

Back on topic: Sinoria is mentioning the "P" word.

It's pretty obvious that Israel has no beef with Lebanon apart from Hizb'Allah. If Lebanon's ready to say it, "Let's Roll."

At 1:07 AM, Anonymous Mark said...


I hate to state the obvious, but lots of people in the Middle East DO ride camels. There's nothing wrong with riding camels. Lots have cars too. There's nothing wrong with cars either. Some people are poor and some people are rich. Neither end of the spectrum is more real than the other. Take a drive, for example, along any road leading out of Cairo into rural areas -- you'll find people using more modes of transportation than you ever dreamed possible.

And by the way, don't hurt your brain trying to grasp this concept, but some people (GASP - can it really be possible?!?!?) own BOTH cars and camels.

I know, tough to believe, eh? But it's a crazy, crazy world my friends. I suggest quaaludes.

At 1:24 AM, Anonymous Mark said...

On the point of the post, Bassem I wonder if you may still be onto something despite the last 10 messed up years. Although things have been so ugly since 93, nothing decisive has happened. The 73 war was decisive in demonstrating to both Egypt and Israel that either side could mortally threaten the other. The first gulf war decisively demonstrated that the US could (seemingly at least at the time) strongly influence outcomes in the region. Since then, though, most of the wars, intifadas, conflicts, etc. have been on far smaller scales and have involved the slow, steady kind of bloodletting that hurts like hell but never really changes anything.

I'm not trying to say you shouldn't be hopeless. On the contrary, I am starting to wonder if nothing short of the full-scale regional war that it seems so many different factions are itching to have can concentrate minds and make people return to efforts at peacemaking.

But these low-grade, slow-bleed conflicts that we've been seeing -- they don't settle anything, they just make people more and more angry and increase the will to fight.

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