Monday, July 31, 2006

Qana, The Wounded Qana.

The first thing I did when I woke up today was watch television to see what was going on. Tuning between LBC, Manar, NBN, Future, New TV, Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya there were no major reports other than air raids here and there during the night.
But about half an hour after breaking news began with reports from the southern town of Qana. A building bombed by Israelis and many people are buried under the rubble, the stations said.
More than 50 people, many of them women and children, were killed.
The strike occurred at around 1 a.m. which could mean that they were sleeping when the war planes hit.
The bombing brought condemnation from throughout the world and left Lebanese in shock as they saw bodies of children being extracted from under the rubble by members of the Lebanese Red Cross.
It brought back the memories of the April 18, 1996 when Israeli bombing killed more than 100 people in a U.N. base in the same town.
The night before I drove around the city but Beirut was not the one I know. It looked much different compared with when I was last here. The streets were almost deserted and most people preferred to stay home because of the fighting and bombing on both side of the border between Israel and Hezbollah.
Driving through Gemayzeh street on a Saturday night is usually a nightmare. It could take more than half an hour to drive few hundred meters where restaurants and pubs are usually packed.
It was not the same yesterday.
Most of the shops were closed apart from a very small number and the street was empty taking only a minute or two to cross.
Downtown solidere area is now a bit busy during the day but a ghost city at night. Hamra street is not any better.
Lebanon declared a day of mourning on Monday for the victims of Qana.
There was a nice song about the Lebanese capital that says:
Oh our beloved Beirut, what is wrong with you.
Beirut oh Beirut please don't bow down.
As I write the blog now, Israeli warplanes are flying a low-altitude over Beirut. It makes me wonder where they will strike but I hope they won't.

Bassem Mroue
Beirut July 31, 2006
12:25 a.m.


At 12:55 AM, Blogger SomeMuslimMan said...

Bassem - This is the 2nd to visit your blog. The 1st one when Atwar Bahgat was killed.

Dear brother in Humanity, Arab and everything: What had happend in Qana is not accepted. However, i'm not surpprised beacuse Israeli governmets since 1948 used to do so.

Human Right stats that everyone has the right to live in peace on this planet, no matter the race and the faith. However those people do not understand it.

Anyuway, You're welcome to visit my blog anytime.

At 7:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

bassem, i am an american living in chicago and i want you and other lebanese to know how sad we are over the horrible deaths of women and children in qana. do not think for one minute that all americans want to protect israel and always take its side because we don't. i hate israel because of the way they treat the palestinians and other arabs in the area. i hate the fact that my country helps them do it and stands by and does nothing to stop it. and now this horror. many of us feel this way, more than you can imagine. seeing the dead children on t.v. while holding my son made me ill and i wept. americans cannot control what our politicians do and tonight i am ashamed of america. god bless lebanon and all of her children. do not hate us. chicago mike

At 1:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is America always the one that is blamaed for tyring to defend the Freedoms that ALL people throughout the world should enjoy. If we don't police the world who will. Do you honestly think that if we left everyone alone the world would be a better place? Do you really think the terrorists would stop attacking us and/or our interests if we left everyone alone to magage their own country? If so, you are very naive. The battle is literally between good and evil. America has had nuclear weapons for decades. Have we EVER used them in an act of aggresion with the goal of taking over another country. We have certainly had the opportunity. Reality is we are trying to maintian stability throught the world. Do we make mistakes, absolutley, is Isreal perfect in their actions, certainly not, however, they are trying to protect their very existence in an Arab dominated region that openly hates and wants to destroy them. Look at the land mass of Isreal versus that of the other Arab countries in the region that claim to sympathize with the Palestinians. Why don't they give up a portion of their land to establish a new country for the Palestinians? The real problem lies in the terrorist organizations tha are allowed to exist within certain countries. Hezbollah, Hamas, and Al Queda are all EVIL organizations and have no regard for human life including their own. Do you ever see Americans, British, Isrealies, and any other country using suicide bombers as a way to kill and terrorize other countries? The conflict and subsequent bloodshed among civilians in Lebanon while tragic

At 2:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

could be stopped if their was a viable solution to removing Hezbollah's influence in every facet of Lebanon. Do you want Isreal to pullout of Lebanon just so they can go back to daily suicide bombers and sporadic rocket attacks????????? What is your solution??????????

At 5:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This lady says it all about muslims and their mentality:


It is about time you fit yourselves into modern life and modern civilazation and start act like human beings, then the western world will traet Muslims correctly.

Can you adjust? - I highly doubt.

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